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Marketing Manager at dnHost

Δημοσίευση από networker » 10 Ιαν 2004 07:15

Dear Friends,

dnHost ( ) search for his ecommerce department:

- Reponsible of sales of dnHost ecommerce solutionS ( ), 1 full ecommerce solution (on-line shop) and soon available another great tool for the greek internet users / businesses (for commercial reasons, I cannot develop this tool here);

- Must know english;

- Must know how to speak his mother language and write it perfectly (greek);

- Must be able to work in a team;

- Must have more than basic knowledges about what is Internet, what is an ecommerce solution;

- Must know how to work with basic softwares like dreamweaver, photoshop, word, etc (nothing extraordinary)...

- Must be available par-time or full-time;

- Must be able to manage a portofolio of clients / resellers;

- Must be able to take responsabilities;

- Must know and respect CONFIDENTIALITY;

- Must be open minded regarding the work that we ask him/her (ability to create a guide, translation of a software...).

- If french language is known, it is a + (BUT NOT NECESSARY AT ALL, my mother language is French but my partner is Greek..!).

We offer:

- The minimum salary (we all know it's nothing...)
- A commission on each sale you will generate (when we mean comission, we mean % on each sale included on sales realized when our resellers sell our softwares). The percentage WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED here BUT is attractive...

If you believe you can find yourself in such a job, do not hesitate to message me.

Thank you for your attention,


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