STFU present: Audio (UK)

Συζητήσεις για τα μουσικά τεκταινόμενα εντός και εκτός Ελλάδας. μηνύματα με παράνομο υλικό θα διαγράφονται...

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STFU present: Audio (UK)

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Audio (UK) ... 5/?fref=ts

Τα εισιτηρια ανερχονται στα 7e με μπυρα και το event ξεκιναει αυστηρα στις 23:30

Η Αθηναικη ομαδα των STFU λιγο πριν τα dubstep event με καλεσμενους τους Borgore, Datsik και Modestep, επιστρεφει με ενα απο τα πιο hot ονοματα της drum n' bass σκηνης του Hνωμενου Βασιλειου. Στις 30 Μαρτιου 2013 στα decks του 7Sins Club, θα βρισκεται ο παραγωγος/dj της Virus Records, AUDIO. Μαζι του οι Disphonia, Insom, Camelorg, Yaz b2b MNDL, Abend και Kenesis.


Audio's first experience with electronic music was in the Early 90's with the Colin Dale and Colin Favour radio shows on Kiss 100. He was instantly hooked, and when, a few years later, the classic "Wormhole" LP on Virus recordings was released, there was no turning back and he embraced the underground family that we know and love as, Drum and Bass.

Inspired to start Djing, non-stop record buying and mixing followed, and he was soon playing at local illegal raves around London.Production was the next logical step for him, experimenting with various pieces of hardware over the next few years. After a chance meeting, Audio was handed a CD with the programs Acid 1.0 and Reason 1.0, and from that moment things dramatically changed.

Soon after, he began releasing tracks and getting a buzz around him, becoming one of the main producers behind Resonant Evil and proceeding to have releases on Renegade Hardware, G2, Outbreak and Moving Shadow, leading to many opportunities DJing across Europe. Taken under the wing of Dylan in 2006, Audio joined Dylan's fiendish family and became a member of the Freak / Anger Management & Therapy Sessions cult, and since has been concentrating purely on his solo material. Starting with the staple in every harder DJ's collection, the game changing debut LP, "To The Edge of Reason", released on Freak, which solidified his status as one of the most exciting acts to watch in D'n'B.

He topped that within a few years by being signed to one of the labels that originally inspired him, Virus, with the first album "Genesis Device" released in 2010, and the recent release in 2012 of "Soulmagnet" which firmly secured his place as one of the most exciting, hard working, recognized, and heralded Dj/Producers in Drum and Bass.

He also managed between this heavy schedule to release on Commercial Suicide, BSE Recordings, Offkey, PRSPCT, Barcode, Bad Taste and more, and has even branched out into dubstep/bass music with the Benga Beats / Ministry of Sound signed act, Pixel Fist, alongside his original Resonant Evil cronies, with tracks killing it on Radio One and across Europe and the US as we speak!

With a full diary booked 6 months in advance, and every other moment he has taken up with studio projects, he fully deserves the reputation as one of the heaviest, yet accessible artists in the scene, killing dance floors with his 3 deck performances everywhere from Sydney to Sofia!


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