help with eshop questions in English ...

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help with eshop questions in English ...

Δημοσίευση από asimenia » 02 Νοέμ 2012 13:54

Sorry about the English but I must understand perfectly
Here are my questions

I have had a shop in Greece for approx 7 years selling children's clothes - I am licensed to sell other things as well (like Jumbo)
Because of this crisis I have decided to close my shop and open an eshop

Can anyone tell me what I need (bearing in mind I already have my licences for retail)
my accountant doesn't seem to know.
I feel so sad that every turn I make to try to survive and pay my taxes - I hit a brick wall.
If anyone can help me please??????

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help with eshop questions in English ...

Δημοσίευση από ALR » 02 Νοέμ 2012 14:24

You will need to speak with an accountant who does know what is happening and ditch the old one.

If you can sell offline, you can sell online too. At least that was the deal until last year that I used to run an e-commerce store that was offline too.

But do speak to an accountant who know his job and fire the clueless dude you have right now.
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