Windows 8 UX Training - Fundamentals

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Windows 8 UX Training - Fundamentals

Δημοσίευση από cordis » 12 Ιουν 2012 00:35

Metro style apps are the focal point of the user experience on Windows 8 Release Preview, and great Metro style apps share an important set of traits that provide a consistent, elegant, and compelling user experience.

Join us for this free, virtual training presented by the Windows User Experience Team, which helps designers & developers learn how to design great apps that leverage the full extent of the platform and adhere to UX guidelines. After this training, attendees will understand the tenants of a great app, how to think about information architecture, best practices for designing flexible layouts, touch, how to leverage contracts in the platform, and much more.

· Metro style design
· Commanding, Information Architecture & Navigation
· Designing for Touch, Mouse & Keyboard
· Animations
· Designing for view states
· Designing apps with adaptive layouts
· Using Contracts
· Connected and Alive
· Anatomy of an App: Case Study ... ture=en-US
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