Front-end Producer (Fulltime)

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Front-end Producer (Fulltime)

Δημοσίευση από InRuntime » 02 Φεβ 2010 01:15

Front-end Producer (FULLTIME)
Actionscript 3

Are you a freelancer? You know how to handle Photoshop as well as program with Actionscript 3? Do you like gadgets, playing games and designing? You think the best job in the world would be to create games or apps for iPhone or Droid? You want to work in a cool and relaxed creative environment? Send your CV and portfolio to
Flex Builder 3 / Flash Builder CS4
Flash CS4
Photoshop CS4

Have OOP language know-how
Familiar with agile development methodologies
Fluent in Actionscript 3
Fluent in English (written and spoken)
Experience working with Git or SVN
Experience building mobile applications for iPhone, Windows Mobile or Nokia S60
Obligatory secondary language (Javascript, C#, C++, Java or Obj-C)
Comfortable working on Mac OS X
Ability to design and draw graphics is a big plus

Work place:
Athens, Greece
We provide a cozy environment, competitive salary and latest hardware.

Send work references and your bio in English to

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Front-end Producer (Fulltime)

Δημοσίευση από Basilakis » 03 Φεβ 2010 20:01


could you please add your posts at

It is our Jobs board.

Thanks a lot for your interest.


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