[News] Πτώση στις τιμές των DVD - Recorders

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[News] Πτώση στις τιμές των DVD - Recorders

Δημοσίευση από Enigma » 18 Ιουν 2003 18:52

Both retail and contract manufacturing prices for recordable DVD drives have plunged since early this year despite tight supply, and prices of some products have declined by as much as 30% during the past month.
Retail prices for DVD-RW and DVD+RW drives have recently dropped to US$160-170 from US$370-380 in the first quarter of this year. NEC has priced some products even lower than this level.

Retail prices for DVD-Dual drives also experienced a sharp decrease since earlier this year. Prices for Sony DVD-Dual drives have fallen to about US$305 recently from about US$400. Some second-tier brand companies have also lowered their DVD-Dual drive prices to around US$220 from US$370-380.
In addition, contract manufacturing prices for Pioneer’s DVD-RW drives have dropped to US$145 this month from US$160-170 in the first quarter, while prices for DVD+RW drives in general have plunged by over 30% to about US$125-130. Prices for Sony’s DVD Dual drives also fell to about US$190 from US$220-230 earlier this year.

The rapid price reductions were mainly led by NEC, which is ahead of its competitors in DVD chip production. The Japanese company is now capable of producing about one million 4x DVD chip sets each month, while the maximum monthly capacities of its major competitors, including Pioneer, Sanyo Electric, Philips Semiconductors and Ricoh, are about 400,000 units or less, said local optical storage drive makers.

According to sources, both Pioneer and South Korea-based Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) have ordered 4x DVD chip sets from NEC. Revenues from the chip set business have allowed it to cut prices of its end products by significant margins.
The company is still far behind major recordable DVD drive vendors in monthly shipments. While companies like Pioneer, Sony and Ricoh often ship 300,000-400,000 units per month, NEC in general ships fewer than 100,000 units a month, sources said.

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