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Διάφορες σελίδες που ανακαλύψαμε και πιστεύουμε ότι ενδιαφέρουν και κάποιους άλλους.

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Freelance Web Design - Top Sites

Δημοσίευση από dimsis » 27 Ιαν 2009 09:46

Freelance Web Development – Site List:

Without a doubt the best freelance site on the web today. From the number of jobs listed and the quality of development projects, to the innovative billing, collaboration, and work monitoring options, oDesk is recommended for developers and service buyers for any project.


GAF, or, has one of the most active user communities for freelance project development. The quality of projects isn’t always great here, but the volume of bidding and the prices are low. Recently opened a Euro branch of the site, so may split business between the two, weakening overall brand and community.


eLance is owned by eBay and as such attracts a fair number of high quality project listings, and a lot of freelancers are doing really well here. However, their subscription fees for connects have you basically paying for every bid you make on site, and extra fees for extra categories, etc. Worth it if you take the time to build a presence on site and manage it like your eBay store.


RentACoder doesn’t have the best design, but gets a lot of project traffic and has a lot of options. The user interface is somewhat counter-intuitive and intrusive, but the site boasts the largest number of completed software development projects of any of the freelance boards and some good projects do come through the vine here.


GetACoder is a nice site, and some good projects seem to come through here on occasion, but it also has a site marketing campaign that makes it feel as if you are working on a ClickBank site. Overall, a mixed bag but worth watching for occasional gems.


Scriptlance is a good place for programming projects and finding web developers, a middle of the road site with about 200 new projects a day. Domain name and traffic are excellent, so expect this site to grow and improve over time. Still one of the main boards to watch for new jobs.


Guru should be a much better site for freelance than it is currently, with a great domain and design. But doesn’t get much traffic, and costly for freelancers for a yearly account. Good to monitor and you may get a top quality contract from the site with a lot of activity, but not really much business here generally.


One of the newest of the main freelance sites, launched with a large PPC ad campaign to bring traffic, but Canada specific interest makes it kind of limited overall. Big budget, promotions, and a lot of hype – may turn out to be a good place to network for big contracts. Nice site design overall.


Sologig is another underperforming freelance site, worth watching and building a presence on for the reference or occasional contract, but not to be expected to provide steady work. Maybe a good place for consultants to meet up with corporations seeking specialists, should become better over time.

10. www.Sourceforge Marketplace

Sourceforge being the main development repository for so many Open Source projects really should be a natural place to find programmers. The Marketplace isn’t as developed or active as it could be, but a good place to network your services and find new clients.

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