GTA Vice City

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GTA Vice City

Δημοσίευση από Drizzt » 19 Μάιος 2003 11:18

Για όσους έχουν πάρει το παιχνίδι μερικές αντιστοιχίες
Ποια είναι τα αυτοκίνητα του παιχνιδιού και το πλήρες cast ... ent&id=146

Αλήθεια ποιος είναι ο αγαπημένος σταθμός
Εμένα είναι οι V-Rock, KChat, VCPR και Flash FM

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GTA Vice City

Δημοσίευση από Drizzt » 21 Μάιος 2003 13:34

Μοναδικά αυτοκίνητα στο Vice City* από το

Romero's Hearse: This car is availble during Avery's mission, "Two Bit Hit" Shoot the hearse until the driver flees, making sure not to blow up the hearse. Jack the hearse and take it to a garage to save it.

Love Fist: This special limo is available during most of the Love Fist missions. Simply beat the mission and go save your brand new limo.

Zebra Cab : Although im not sure , some people havent been able to get it after completing the Kaufman Cab Asset, so steal it while fighting the boss in the mission Cabmageddon.

Cars With Special Abilities

BP/EP/FP/DP/Spike and Tank Proof Admiral:
This car is available during the Colonel's mission "Guardian Angels" When Diaz arrives in this car you need to shot him in the head so his dead body rolls out of the car leaving the locked door open. Jack the car and go save it at a garage. All credit goes to Blue Zircon

BP/EP/Fp Sabre Turbo
Available during the Malibu mission "The Driver" Store a Rhino in a nearby garage and when the race starts go directly to that garage. Wait for Hilary near the end of the race and hit him so his car blows up. Then push it back to a garage to save. Alternative Strategy: Finish the race side by side with Hilary and he will vanish. Go knock the door off his car, get in, and go save. All credit goes to Blue Zircon

Cars With Locked Doors

To get the Comet with the locked doors simply start the second assassination mission, "Waste The Wife" and then shoot the Comet. The wife will run in fear leaving the door open. If you try to save this vehicle the doors will become unlocked. Credit goes to KRUTON 9000

In the last mission for Umberto, "Trojan Voodoo" you can get a locked Voodoo. When you and the other 2 cars pull up to the lot simply walk over to the other car and shoot the guy in the head causing him to fall out. Once again if you try to save this car the doors will become unlocked. Credit goes to old_man

Cars With Special Colors

Pitch-Black Admiral:
This car is available during the fourth assassination mission, "Check Out At The Check-In" Once you kill the one guy you will be chased by 3 pitch-black admirals. Park your car up against a wall, get out and get on top of your car. The other 3 cars will ram into the wall which is when you can snipe the guy in the head so he falls out of the vehicle so you can steal it. Credit goes to KRUTON 9000

Black Sanchez:
In the Dirt bike mission, "Trial By Dirt" you are chased by 3 other black Sanchezes. Simply shoot one of the guys off and the bike is yours. Credit goes to scmikes

White PCJ 600:
In the assassination mission, "Autocide" there is a pure white PCJ 600 that one of the targets is riding. Credit goes to razorke

Cream-Colored Stretch:
This limo is available during the film studio mission, "Martha's Mug Shot" When the mission starts run over to Candy's limo and shoot the driver in the head and get inside the limo. Run Candy over to fail the mission and then go save your new car. Credit goes to DragoniteBallZ

Black Voodoo:
This car is available during Avery's mission, "Two Bit Hit" When you approach the Haitian Drug Lord you will spot a black Voodoo. Run up to it, jack it, and go save. Credit goes to DragoniteBallZ

Red/Black Bobcat:
This car is available during the mission, "Autocide" This car is a little more harder then the others cuz you do not have a chance to shoot the guy in the head and he will not flee. You can get the advantage by sniping his tires before you get to close. Once you get closer he will run and you will need to pin his vehicle so you can rip him out. Obviously easier said then done. Credit goes to Dark Literature

Black Pony:
This car is available during the last assassination mission, "Loose Ends" It is parked right in front of the gates. Jack it and then go save your new ride. Credit goes to Coognut

Black Sentinel:
There is a black Senitnel in the "Hit The Courier" mission. Just shoot the woman carrying the prints, complete the mission with that car, then take it to one of your garages.

Gold Infernus:
To get this, just steal the Infernus that is parked on the side of the stairs of the Vercetti mansion at the beginning of the "Bar Brawl" mission.(I found this one at a walkthrough at Gamefaqs, not sure if it's true.)

Lightless Taxi:
Yes the lightless Taxi from GTA3 is back again in Vice City. How this works is, when several Taxis are on screen, sometimes the game doesn't load the light on the top of it thus making it look like a Sentinel. These can be seen
sometimes when patrolling around the Kaufman Cabs area more than others. This
will be the hardest car to find since it is just a glitch.(I'm not sure where else to look for this one, could someone tell me a place where I can most likely find it?)

Oh and for those who want the Coast Guard :
Right to get to it go from the most southernly bridge on the second island. Follow the coast southwards until you see a wooden jetty come out from the coast. If you look down from it you will see the coastguard in the water. All you have to do is jump into it but becareful not to miss!

Disapproved Cars
The cars all involved in the Vice City Racer are not BP/EP/FP/DP

The Sanchezes in the mission "Cap The Collectors" do not have anything special about them. They are not as fast as they seem when you are chasing them because the computer AI makes them go fast, even tho the bikes are just regular bikes.


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