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captch - τρόπος λειτουργείας

Δημοσίευση από Basilakis » 09 Ιούλ 2008 17:58 ... ms-part-2/

* sign-up forms don’t have any hover, active or focus-effects (84%),
* hints and help are either static (57%) or dynamic (33%) and appear below the input field (57%) or on the right side of the field (26%),
* static validation is as popular as dynamic validation — no trend toward Ajax;
* e-mail confirmation is not used (82%),
* password confirmation is used (72%),
* captcha can be used or not used (48% vs. 52%),
* cancel button is not used (92%),
* the submit-button is left-aligned (56%) or centered (26%),
* thank-you message motivates users to proceed with exploring the services of the site (45%).


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