Glaswegian's parking Dodge

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Glaswegian's parking Dodge

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Glaswegian's parking Dodge
24 December 2007

• Glaswegian buys three-tonne pick-up
• Dodge Ram too heavy for council to tow away
• Millionaire owner is happy to pay parking fines

A millionaire from Glasgow has found the ultimate way to stop the council from towing away his car - he's bought a Dodge Ram.

Alan Love is well-known in Glasgow for parking illegally. It is estimated he receives an average of £150 a week in fines, totalling more than £2000 a year.

The Ram is a three-tonne American pick-up truck that is too heavy to be to be pulled away by the council's removal vehicles.

However, as Love always pays his fines, the council has no way of prosecuting him, and the strongest powers it can use is to tow away his car when it is illegally parked.

Parking officials from Glasgow City Council have already tried - and failed - to remove the Ram from double yellow lines.

Rather than back down, though, the council says it has invested in two tow trucks that will be big enough to tow away the Ram.

A council spokesperson said: 'The council is committed to stamping out illegal parking in the city. This individual is not exempt and we will not be deterred from taking appropriate action.'

Love countered : 'I feel I am doing the council a favour. I am giving them a bit of revenue. I don't mind paying the fines. I get on quite well with the parking attendants.'
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Glaswegian's parking Dodge

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