2o Oscar για την WETA Digital και το LOTR.

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2o Oscar για την WETA Digital και το LOTR.

Δημοσίευση από Enigma » 25 Μαρ 2003 14:53

Για δεύτερη συνεχή χρονιά η WETA Digital κέρδισε το Oscar στην κατηγορία VISUAL EFFECTS.

Οπως σας έλεγα και παλιότερα η εταιρία αυτή έχει πολλά να μας δώσει.
Η WETA Digital είναι μία εταιρία η οποία δημιουγήθηκε το 1993 στην Νέα Ζηλανδία από νέα κυρίως άτομα, απόφοιτοι σχολών που είχαν σχέση με Computer Graphics.
Εξελίχθηκε γρήγορα σε μία εταιρία που ασχολήθηκε με τα visual effects, και ήταν αυτή που ανέλαβε τα εφέ της τριλογίας του LOTR.

Χρησιμοποιούν σταθμούς εργασίας και SuperComputers της Silicon Graphics, οι οποίοι τρέχουν σε λειτουργικά συστήματα IRIX (based at Unix) και SGI Linux, ενώ τα προγράμματα Graphics είναι τόσο της Silicon Graphics, όσο και της καταπληκτικής Discreet, καθώς και το Maya.

Σχετικά sites:

Και για να δείτε λίγο τα νούμερα:

Hundreds of SGI Visual Workstations and Storage Products Create and Manage Up to 100 Terabytes of Data.

Weta Digital evoked the power of more than 230 SGI IRIX OS-based and SGI LinuxTM OS-based visual workstations, storage products and servers for production, postproduction and visual effects on the much anticipated live-action, CGI-laden The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.
Weta Limited shot all three films simultaneously with Weta Digital, its digital effects arm, concurrently producing more than 1,200 visual effects shots.

The Wellington, New Zealand, company is using a full complement of IRIX OS-based Silicon Graphics Octane and Silicon Graphics Onyx2 visual workstations, SGI Origin family servers, and SGI Linux OS-based visual workstations and servers to create and manage up to 100TB of data.

Weta Digital, which has been working on the trilogy for over four years, built a state-of-the-art facility from the ground up.
More than 150 artists, keyframe animators, modelers, digital paint artists, motion editors, compositors and numerous software engineers were provided with 150 Octane visual workstations, which run Alias/Wavefront TM Maya as the facility's core 3D application; an eight-processor Onyx2 system running Discreet inferno for compositing; and 80 dual-processor Silicon Graphics 330 and Silicon Graphics 230 Linux OS-based workstations, which are used for a combination of paint, rotoscoping and compositing duties.

Two SGI file servers using SGI TP9400 storage arrays, StorageTek Tape Robots and SGI Origin 2000 server technology provide a combination of 4TB of online storage and more than 20TB of nearline storage as a global storage repository to support workstation information sharing.

Weta Digital purchased the Silicon Graphics Octane2TM visual workstation running Discreet flame software to help in the final phases of postproduction.
Octane2 offers high-performance VProTM V12 graphics with perspective-correct color and texture, extremely realistic blending of colors for transparent objects and high-quality volume visualization using 3D textures.

The new Octane2 system will now be put to work on the next film. Weta's primary rendering resource is based on SGI 1100 and SGI 1200 Linux OS-based servers.
Having started with 32 dedicated processors, the facility currently runs 192 dual-processor SGI servers rendering frames 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"Weta Digital's purchase of both SGI IRIX and SGI Linux technology is an excellent example of choosing the right tool for the right job," said Jason Danielson, director of marketing, Media Industries, SGI.
"It is testimony to how both operating systems can work together seamlessly to produce, render, manage and store powerful visual effects ranging from the photorealistic to the universe of human imagination."



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