UK tops Europe's online advertising league with 39% of marke

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UK tops Europe's online advertising league with 39% of marke

Δημοσίευση από KGP » 06 Ιουν 2007 06:27

UK tops Europe's online advertising league with 39% of market
Total spending across Europe hits £5.4bn

By Tash Shifrin ... ewsid=3325

The UK accounts for the largest share of Europe’s online advertising spending, with 39% of the total, new figures have revealed.

The figures – compiled by the IAB Europe internet marketing trade body and analysed by PricewaterhouseCoopers - cover spending on display, classified and directories, search and email advertising.

They show that advertising spend across Europe hit €8bn (£5.4bn) last year, with the UK’s slice amounting to €3bn (£2bn). The UK spend was nearly twice as high as the next largest spender, Germany, which accounted for 22% of the online advertising market.

The spending breakdown comes as a separate study by internet market analyst firm comScore found that websites run by mainstream UK newspapers and television stations are attracting far more visitors from overseas than the UK – a finding that means advertisers will need to devise strategies that take account of international readerships.

Other analysts have predicted that spending on internet advertising will overtake radio for the first time next year.

The IAB Europe figures show that nearly half of all internet advertising spend across Europe was on search-related advertising, which took 45% of the total. Another 31% went on various forms of display advertising, with 22% on classifieds and directories and just 1.6% on email marketing.

Alain Heureux, President of IAB Europe, said: ‘‘These figures demonstrate without any doubt the significance of the European online advertising industry."

France accounted for 15% of Europe’s online advertising spend last year, while the Netherlands spent 7% and Italy 6% of the total. Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Greece, Slovenia and Croatia together account for the remaining 12% of spend, totalling €927m (£628m).
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UK tops Europe's online advertising league with 39% of marke

Δημοσίευση από ALKIVIADES » 06 Ιουν 2007 13:25

όποτε είμαστε καλά, που συμμετέχουμε στο 12% ? ή απλώς πάλι καλά ? :P


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