Discover Active State: Komodo IDE 4.0

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Discover Active State: Komodo IDE 4.0

Δημοσίευση από Rapid-eraser » 17 Φεβ 2007 09:39

This Webcast, presented by a key member of the Komodo IDE development team, Jeff Griffiths, covers the new features in Komodo IDE 4.0, as well as some old ones.

The 30 minute presentation (voice and slides) is followed up by a recorded Question & Answer period.
Date & Time: February. 16, 2007 1:00 PM EST
Presenter(s): Jeff Griffiths (ActiveState)
Length: 60 mins
Description: Explore Komodo IDE 4.0, with a focus on PHP, then a general overview of new and exciting features.
Requirements: Macromedia Flash plug-in
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PS: To komodo eivai eva apo ta kala enterprise IDE sistimata pou iparxouv gia polaples scripting glosses , me ipostiriksi se arketes web-based texvologies opos tnv javascript.
Rixte mia matia sto webcast ... av kai to programa eivai kapos akribo (meta tnv prosfora 8a exei giro sta 300 euro :P)
Cu, Rapid-eraser, Tα αγαθά copies κτώνται.
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