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mou'rthe pm apo enan edw sto freestuff

Δημοσίευση από Am-A-Newbie » 22 Ιούλ 2006 19:14


I am Philip marah the only son of late former Director of finance, Dr George Marah Sierra-Leone diamond and mining corporation. I must confess my agitation is real, and my words is my bond, in this proposal. My late father diverted this money meant for purchase of ammunition, for my country, during the peak of disastrous civil war in my country.
Now he has deposited the money with a BANK in outside sierra leone,where I am residing under political Assylum with my younger sister Glory Marah who is 16 years old. Now the war in my country is over with the help of ECOMOG soldiers, the present government of Sierra Leone has revoked the passport of all officers who served under the former regime and now ask countries to expel such person at the same time freeze their account and confiscate their asset, it is on this note that I am contacting you, all I needed from you is to furnish me with your bank particulars:

1) Account name
2) Account number
3) Bank address, telephone and fax number
4) your private telephone /fax numbers

For you to assist me transfer this money in your private bank account, the said amount is TWENTY ONE Million Dollars.(US$21MILLION) I am compensating you with 10 % of the total money amount, now all my hope is banked on you and I really wants to invest this money in your country, were their is stability of Government, political and economic welfare. Honestly I want you to believe that this transaction is real and never a joke. My late father Dr George Marah gave me the deposit slip issued to him by the BANK on the date of deposit, for you to be clarify because, I do not expose my self to anybody I see, I believe that you are able to keep this transaction secret for me because this money is the hope of my life, it is important. Please write me immediately after you might have gone through my message fill free and make it urgent. That is the reason why I offered you 10 % of the total money amount, and in case of any other necessary expenses you might incure, I am resolving to give you an addition of 2% during this transaction.


Try and negotiate for me some profitable blue chip investment opportunities which is risky free which I can invest with this money when it is transferred to your account, personally I am interested in estate management and hotel business, please advise me. And promise me and my younger sister to be our guardian considering our situation and not to betray us.
And my late father used me the only son as the beneficiary / next of kin on the day of deposit and also told me I need an assistance of a foreigner with a legitimate bank Account abroad who will stand as co-beneficiary and partner abroad to ensure a successful hitch free transfer of the fund abroad.

Alternative Email (

Thanks and God bless,
Yours truly,
Philip Marah.
? :-? exei parei kai kaneis allos tetoio pm ? giati stin thesi tou dn tha to estelna se kapoion me nickname Am-A-Newbie :P

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mou'rthe pm apo enan edw sto freestuff

Δημοσίευση από cordis » 22 Ιούλ 2006 19:57

έχει γίνει ban.. ;)
Δεν απαντάω σε προσωπικά μηνύματα με ερωτήσεις που καλύπτονται από τις ενότητες του forum. Για ο,τι άλλο είμαι εδώ για εσάς.
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