EU's International Safer Internet Blog Day is Today

Γράψτε τις Ανακοινώσεις και τα Δελτία Τύπου σας και ενημερώστε μας για τις νέες υπηρεσίες σας.

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EU's International Safer Internet Blog Day is Today

Δημοσίευση από KGP » 08 Φεβ 2006 16:36

EU's International Safer Internet Blog Day is Today
The European Union expects 35 nations to participate in its Safer Internet Blog Day blogathon today on its multi-lingual global blog.

The blogathon "aims at raising awareness and give Internet users a platform to share experiences and cultural attitudes about their use of the worldwide web." There are posts so far from the U.S., Argentina, Lithuania and UK.

Not many comments so far, no juicy posts either. Interesting though, that a government entity would turn to blogging to try to spread a message.
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