MSN quadruples size of European regional sales team

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MSN quadruples size of European regional sales team

Δημοσίευση από KGP » 02 Φεβ 2006 20:11

MSN quadruples size of European regional sales team
Platform: Internet | Author: Greg Brooks | Source: | Published: 02.02.06

Email article | Printer Friendlymore NewsMSN is quadrupling the size of its European pan-regional sales team following record revenues in 2005.

It’s the largest ever increase in the sales team, with new positions being created across the board and follows 104% year-on-year growth in revenues on 2004. Mark Charkin becomes head of EMEA regional sales after five years at the company during which time he has overseen the expansion of the EMEA sales team. He will report to Marc Bresseel, regional sales director.

Other appointments include: Teal Newland as EMEA regional sales manager, joining from the US office; Seamus Hunn becomes EMEA regional group account manager, joining from Yahoo! where he headed the UK client services team and Jon Williams who becomes EMEA regional agency lead and who recently won MSN global salesperson of the year.

The combined team will work closely with local sales teams, particularly in developing pan-regional campaigns for their clients.
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