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Downloads για CM 01/02

Δημοσίευση από Drizzt » 10 Νοέμ 2002 13:42

Player Setup File for 3.9.67

Player setup cfg file with the latest loans, injuries and future transfers.

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Downloads για CM 01/02

Δημοσίευση από Drizzt » 10 Νοέμ 2002 13:46

CM01/02 Update Synopsis: -

Promotions & Regelations of English Leagues are done.
* Many International Retirement added
* Major Update on Brazilian League - Brazil League updated by NetoWay & Illgner of CmPopular
* Update Nation Fifa Rankings, Special thanks to Harry Mok.
* Updated the Swedish Leagues - Fixed the Swedish league bug, on testing phase, thanks to Jedda
* Updated the Brazilian Leagues, Thanks to Neto.
* Updated the Danish Leagues, Thanks to TJ & Nimb
* 98% Bug & Error Free on this version. (Fixed Swedish Leagues, on testing phase now but it looks good) Thanks to Jedda
* Retirement of Roberto Di Matteo & Tony Adams are added.
* Perfected English Leagues (Inc. Confrence & non league.)
- English Premier League Suberbly accurate and up to date.
* The Game Is Now Ready For Second Halves Of Many Leagues and for 2002!
* Improved English staff apointments which were neglected by SI & last version.
- Added new staff into the CM database inc. scouts, coaches, directors e.t.c
* Added promising youngsters into the game.
* Managerial appointments & sackings to date - ensured none were missed.
* Released, where aplicable, players from their clubs, expired contacts e.t.c.
* Expired Loans and Injuries deleted - new loans & injuries added.
* Lots of players statistics and atributes accurately changed.
* Some International Players caps/goals ammended.
* Retired more players & staff who are deceased or quit the game through injury.
- Vittorio Mero died in a car crash, he is removed from the database.
* Players - Non-Playing/Playing roles changed.
* Some kit colours changed.
* More stadium names changed.
* More Stadium capacities changed and tweaked to the nearest seat.
* Ninian Park, Upton Park, The Hawthornes, The Valley, Portman Road, Old Trafford e.t.c.
* Some club's reputation altered as near to real life.
* Realistic Premiership club finance - Everton, Newcastle, Tottenham, Southampton e.t.c.
* Altered some player's First and Second Nationalities - Di Canio elegible for England!
* Palyers Names improved where aplicable (hyphens/dashes/Norweigen O's e.t.c.)
* Corrected lots more birthdates - especially managers and English based players.
- New - Roy Hodgson, Stuart Gray, Paul Hart, Dave Jones, Dario Gradi e.t.c.
* Some first names, second names and common names changed.
* Changed many more player's playing positions - CM to RCM e.t.c.
* Ensured players who are on loan from France appear in English teams squads.
- NB - If they don't show on your game create a new game with "France" running in background.
* Some staff roles have changed e.g. Dick Advocaat -> Director of football/Holland Manager.
* Stopped some players moving to new clubs if they signed in the summer or recently.
* Major Update on Turkish League - Thanks to HANS...
* Major Update on Portuguese League - Thanks to Nuno Filipe
* Did the Promotion & Regelations for English, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, German, Scottish, Turkish and Dutch Leagues

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Downloads για CM 01/02

Δημοσίευση από greek_manager » 11 Νοέμ 2002 12:21

To parapano update einai toy cmsorted ( ) kai einai pithanotata to kalytero update gia to cm! Ase poy kykloforei- ananeonetai toylaxiston kathe 2-3 vdomades.

H en logo ekdosh omos apaitei na exeis proegatesthmeno to official update 3.9.67 !
aka thkouk
Football Manager - H ελληνική κοινότητα
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