Now Publishers' Turn to Sue Google over Project

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Now Publishers' Turn to Sue Google over Project

Δημοσίευση από KGP » 21 Οκτ 2005 09:01

Now Publishers' Turn to Sue Google over Project

After talks with Google broke down, the Association of American Publishers filed a lawsuit against Google on Wednesday, seeking both a declaration by the court that Google commits infringement when it scans books covered by copyright and a court order preventing it from doing so without permission from copyright owners, reports CNET. Google plans to let people search the text of books and sell ads related to those searches.

AAP filed the suit on behalf of McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education, Penguin Group, Simon & Schuster, and John Wiley & Sons. Last month, the Author's Guild sued Google over its library project.

Google says the project is consistent with the fair-use doctrine under U.S. copyright law; it said in August that it would temporarily halt the project to respond to concerns. It now plans to resume on November 1, according to the AAP. ... 02115.html
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