ASP.NET C# full time developer

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John Nousis
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ASP.NET C# full time developer

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Contribute to the success of Magnet Commerce, the flagship product of, by utilizing his expertise to develop robust systems and devise solutions to prevent possible problems.

Develop web application user interfaces for new and existing features of Magnet Commerce which integrate with various server-side components, back-end systems and third party solutions
Design and implement MS SQL database tables, queries, triggers and stored procedures
Offer high level technical support to clients

Working knowledge of ASP.NET using C# and web forms with demonstrated 2-year experience developing web applications
Advanced knowledge and troubleshooting of Windows Server 2003, MS SQL Server and IIS 6.0
Willing to work in a start-up company environment with clear understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of this choice. The candidate should be rather a generalist than a specialist, who can juggle multiple tasks and likes to take risks as well as initiatives. Each member of Siteowners Team is prescribed to the "work hard, play hard" philosophy and shares the core values of outstanding work ethics, integrity, and honesty combined with a passion for customers and what technology can do for them
Additional consideration will be given to applicants with: experience in a similar company, technical writing skills, proven analysis skills with attention to detail and quality and excellent use of English

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