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Δημοσίευση από misato » 09 Σεπ 2006 13:16

Σε μαύρο δεν έχει ??? :(
"watashi wa ikiru"

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Δημοσίευση από id12586 » 30 Οκτ 2006 23:19

Απλώς επειδή ρωτήθηκε, επισημαίνω:
Payment methods

* Payment in advance
* Credit card
* Direct debit
* Coupon/Voucher
* Payment difficulties/problems
* Data security for payment

Payment in advance (only for member states of the European Union)
The customer is required to transfer the total sum which is due to the bank account stated below. The order is dispatched to you when the sum has been credited to the account. Please always state on your remittance the invoice date and number.

Customerce GmbH
Postbank Frankfurt
Sort Code 500 100 60
Account number 7523 69-602

For payments from abroad:
BIC (Swift-Code): PBNKDEFF
IBAN number: DE82 5001 0060 0752 3696 02

It is also possible to send us a cheque. When the cheque has been received by us the order will be dispatched to you.

Credit cards
We accept following credit cards: Visa, EuroCard/MasterCard, AmericanExpress.
Your credit card data is transmitted to us via a coded SSL connection. It is also possible to give your credit card details "offline". For this you can call us or send by fax your credit card details (Credit Card Company, credit card number, expiry date, CVV). Please have the order/item numbers ready when calling.

Fax: 0049 (0)69 24 29 56 67

This helps us to process your order and guarantee the security of your data.

Direct debit (only in Germany)
Direct debit is the most convenient and safe way for you to pay for the order placed and is less time consuming than by remittance. Payment with direct debit is only possible for customers with a current account in Germany. Should you choose to pay by direct debit then it shall be necessary for you to enter your account number, sort code and name of the account owner in the appropriate fields. Please ensure that the account is sufficiently covered for the transaction. By Payment through direct debit the owed sum will be deducted in advance of the delivery. When the sum has been credited to our account then the delivery will be dispatched. We reserve the right to claim costs occurred if the account is not covered when booking the sum from your account.

The invoice amount will be booked from your account within two working days from the operator of this webpage (Customerce GmbH). Please ensure that your account is covered. Should the bank or the credit card company reject the payment of the sum for the order then reserves the right to claim charges for such administration of 5 Euros for every returned payment request. Additional bank charges of 3 to 6 Euros may also be claimed.

Every coupon/voucher is marked with a code. The coding has been generated by Should you want to redeem the coupon/voucher then it shall be necessary for you to choose the payment method coupon/voucher in the shopping basket. In the case that the sum of the order should exceed the coupon/voucher value then the remaining sum may be paid by another payment method. In the case that the sum of the order is less than the value of the coupon/voucher then remaining sum cannot credited. Further it is also not possible to refund the remaining sum. excludes all liability for lost or stolen coupons/vouchers.

All prices listed include the legal VAT of 16 %. The share of the VAT in the price of items will be shown in the bill.

Payment difficulties/problems
It is possible due to a number of circumstances that error messages could appear when paying by direct debit or credit card. Reasons for such error messages can be that account details such as the account number or sort code have been given in wrong, details have not been typed in the appropriate fields or numbers have been mixed up.

In case you do not receive a confirmation from our server of payment after giving in your details more than once then please do not hesitate and contact us over the contact form.

Data security for payment
For such forms of transmission the customer is provided with a 128 bit coding procedure which has been supplied by Thawte enterprise which is one of the leading producers of such encryption technology. If the client/customer should have difficulties with the use of the secure server then this could have two causes: Your browser is incompatible, or your computer is protected by an internal Firewall.

Web pages which our shops include within the frame do not always show the security symbol on the browser. The transmission of the personal data though is still possible with the 128 bit coding procedure and therefore the customer has the option of secure transmission of data.
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Chris at your Services
ΕικόναSacame de Aqui

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Δημοσίευση από FotiSpeaking@ » 30 Οκτ 2006 23:24

Μπραβο μεγαλε!!! Εισαι μεγάλος!!!!!! :lol:

Right now, as you read this,
7 Million people are having SEX!
And you're on the computer! must be a psycho....

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Δημοσίευση από panosru » 07 Νοέμ 2006 17:28

giannh, :P eidikh paragkelia ginete? :P


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