Art of Trance - Tales of the unexpected

Συζητήσεις για τα μουσικά τεκταινόμενα εντός και εκτός Ελλάδας. μηνύματα με παράνομο υλικό θα διαγράφονται...

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Art of Trance - Tales of the unexpected

Δημοσίευση από LightForce » 25 Ιούλ 2005 22:52

Για τους φίλους της Platipus Records, (όπως εγώ) που ακολουθάνε και υποστηρίζουνε την trance μουσική της, κάθε νέα της κυκλοφορία είναι ένα μοναδικό γεγονός.


Disc 1
1. tektonik^ 'Shine' (Original Mix)
2. Vorontsov 'Say Breathe' (Original Mix)
3. Extrawelt 'Soopertrack'
4. Ada 'Cool My Fire (I'm Burning)'
5. Royksopp 'Only This Moment' (Chab Remix)
6. Max Graham 'Does She Know Yet?'
7. Chab feat. JD Davis 'Closer To Me' (Digweed & Muir Remix)
8. Terry Grant feat. Jennifer Horne 'I'll Kill You' (Luke Chable Remix)
9. Kosmas Epsilon 'Bitter'
10. Slam feat. Tyrone Palmer 'This World'
11. Gabriel & Dresden 'Arcardia' (Original Mix)
12. Chab 'You & Me'
13. Holden & Thompson 'Come To Me'

Disc 2
1. Re:Locate 'Distant Heartache'
2. E-Tronic 'Glasshouse' (Original Mix)
3. AR52 'Piiska' (Arksun's Nightflight Mix)
4. A Force feat. Yahel 'Behind Silence'
5. Orana Project 'Blue Storm' (Original Mix
6. The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra 'Affinity' (Original Mix)
7. F Concept 'Open Your Mind'
8. Hemstock & Jennings 'Babylon' (Original Mix)
9. System F 'Reaching Your Soul' (Original Extended Mix)
10. Haak 'Bass Shuttle'
11. Holderman 'Left Right Switch' (12" Vocal Mix)
12. Syntone 'Cried Out' (Silverblue Remix)
13. LSG 'Netherworld' (Oliver Lieb Mix)

TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED is a whole new chapter in the 12 years young of PLATIPUS RECORDS. As the title states - this is not what one has come to expect from PLATIPUS. However, not a label to extol tall tales of any kind, we're confident you will share our & ART OF TRANCE's joy in researching, documenting, compiling & crafting it.


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