New study suggests ways of improving business travel

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New study suggests ways of improving business travel

Δημοσίευση από KGP » 10 Ιουν 2005 17:02

New study suggests ways of improving business travel

American business travelers want more from corporate travel agencies than the simple ability to self-book air, hotel and rental cars online, according to a new study.

Travelers want new, integrated online services, said the study commissioned by Orbitz for Business and Travelport, both subsidiaries of Cendant Corporation’s Travel Distribution Services Division.

The results identified areas for new corporate travel features, including:

• More than half of those surveyed said logistical challenges such as knowing where to go at their destination after arriving, finding a good place to eat and changing travel plans on the road are among the most difficult problems on business trips.

• One third of travelers said the ability to change, re-book and obtain travel alerts via cell phone, PDA or Blackberry are the most valuable tools to ensure their travel is as productive as possible.

• More than one-fourth valued a one-stop-shop for booking all travel services beyond air, car and hotel. They wanted event tickets, dinner reservations and other one-stop services.

The results highlight an opportunity for travel management companies, online or otherwise, to implement new technologies and features that conform to a business traveler’s workflow, according to Dean Sivley, chief product and marketing officer for Cendant Corporate Travel Solutions.

He said:

"By addressing the everyday business traveler’s need for practical, real-time information and capabilities in a single, highly accessible service, travel management companies can dramatically raise the relevance and user satisfaction of their offerings."

Report by David Wilkening
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