Women's Biblus

Ας χαλαρώσουμε και λίγο... Aς κουτσομπολέψουμε μια σταλιά, ας πούμε και κανένα ανέκδοτο!

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Women's Biblus

Δημοσίευση από KGP » 31 Μάιος 2005 14:44

Women's Biblus

-copy paste apo to forum tou luckymag.gr -

1.So many men,so few can afford me
2.God made us sisters,Prozac made us friends
3.If they don't have chocolate in heaven i ain't goin'
4.At my age i've seen it all,heard it all,done it all...i just can't remember anything!
5.Coffee,chocolate,men..some things are just better rich
6.Don't treat me any differently than you would the Queen
7.If you want breakfast in bed,sllep in the kitchen
8.Guys have feelings too.But like..who cares?
9.Next mood swing:6 minutes
10.You have the right to remain silent so please SHUT UP!
11.I'm one of those bad things that happen to good people
12.How can i miss you if you don't go away?
13.Sorry if i looked interested,i'm not
14.If we are what we eat,i'm fast,cheap and easy

diavaste to tora pou mporite prin erthei i Youki kai to klidosei!!!!! :lol:
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Women's Biblus

Δημοσίευση από blackhumor » 04 Ιουν 2005 22:29

Να την ειδοποιήσω τότε ;-) ;-) ;-)
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