Online recruiters see ads surge

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Online recruiters see ads surge

Δημοσίευση από KGP » 16 Μάιος 2005 23:57

Online recruiters see ads surge
Monday, May 16 2005
by Deirdre McArdle

Between February and April the number of jobs vacancies on recruitment websites rose by 10 percent, according to IrishJobs' Online Employment Index.

The index, which compiles figures from Ireland's five main online recruitment sites, Recruit Ireland,, and, revealed growth in the majority of sectors with financial services, IT and sales and marketing performing particularly well.

"The overall increase of 10 percent in total jobs advertised is a clear indicator of continued economic growth. It's a good sign for the financial health of the country as a whole and also indicates a strong performance for the financial sectors in particular," said Jane Lorigan, marketing director,, commenting on the results.

The bulk of job vacancies advertised online during the three month period were for positions based in Dublin with 73 percent. On a regional level though, Munster saw the most growth, with an increase of 22 percent in the number of jobs vacancies advertised since January. Excluding Dublin, the rest of Leinster recorded 8 percent of total jobs, and Connaught accounted for 6 percent.

Of the three months, February was the best for jobseekers; the number of vacancies online peaked in February to reach 79,778.

Looking at the individual sectors, the biggest sectoral increase was experienced in the banking, financial services and insurance sector, which grew by 29 percent from 9,430 in January to 12,206 in April. The number of accountancy and finance jobs posted online rose by 21 percent from 10,947 jobs in January to 13,289 jobs in April.

Meanwhile sales and marketing vacancies online rose by 16 percent from 5,524 in January to 6,429 in April while job vacancies in the IT sector increased by 7 percent during the three-month period, from 7,874 in January to 8,420 in April. Elsewhere the telecommunication sector saw a rise of 4 percent in online job advertisements from 910 in January to 944 in April.

On the flip-side, the science, pharmaceutical and food sector saw an overall decline of 5 percent in the number of jobs posted online, falling from 3,534 in January to 3,373 in April.

The online employment index, which includes around 232,000 jobs, indicates the increasing popularity of online recruitment websites, according to Lorigan, who says, "Irish companies are increasingly embracing the internet as an efficient and cost effective means of filling vacancies."
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