help for a lineage gr

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help for a lineage gr

Δημοσίευση από panos1967 » 13 Μαρ 2005 15:48

exo ena problima me to katebasma tis parakato selidas

to download mipos bori na gini home server gia to pexnidi lineage xoris tin sindesi toy internet

Live Client Copy Process
Download the following zip file, unzip the read me text file, follow the instructions to copy your live server client and patch it to the public test server client.

Test Server Client Download

All Areas

Test Server Client Location:

Game Client Installation Instructions

Client Size:
(1.7 GB)

Note: You will need to have approximately 5 GB of free space available on your hard drive using this method.

Download the installer to a temporary folder on your hard-drive.
Once downloaded, unzip the file to extract the contents (once extracted, you may delete the original Zip file).
Double-click the setup.exe to begin installation of Lineage II.

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help for a lineage gr

Δημοσίευση από emphasy » 13 Μαρ 2005 22:03

file nomizw oti prepei na to katevaseis kanonika ! dld etsi to katevase enas filos mou :)


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