Fallout 3

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Fallout 3

Δημοσίευση από Drizzt » 22 Οκτ 2003 01:19

Συμφωνα με το No Mutants Allowed

φιλοξνεί δηλώσεις των as Sawyer and Damien 'Puuk' Foletto σχετικά με την Fallout 3 engine και armour (

The engine used in Jefferson and Van Buren is, in fact, tile-based, but it looks nothing like Neverwinter Nights. This is mostly due to the fact that Neverwinter Nights had relatively low poly environments and a solely dynamic lighting solution.

In our engine, artists make tile sets, meta-tiles (special pieces that range from the mundane "break-up-the-pattern" sections to unique buildings and entire maps), and prop sets. Designers place the tiles and meta-tiles, then go back and populate the area with static props and dynamic useable objects (like generators, computers, doors, etc.). The level then gets imported into Lightwave, where artists light it. The lightmaps are then burned using a third-party plug-in called Microwave. Then the designer imports the level back into the editor, where the lightmaps are stitched together and the octree is built.

The result is a level that looks sharp enough that, honestly, many people mistake it for 2D until the camera is rotated. We've actually considered changing the FOV because some people complain that it doesn't "feel 3D enough".

BTW both Fallout RPGs were tile-based

i'd like to revise DT and get rid of DR so that more weapons remain more generally deadly, shot for shot, and the critical hits provide smaller, but still worthwhile, benefits. completely ignoring DR and DT won't be one of those effects.
i think DR sux and should be removed, instead leaving DT, which absorbs an amount of damage from half its value to its total value per hit. e.g.: frank gets shot with a bullet for 10 points of damage. the ballistic DT for his armor is 16, so it absorbs 8-16 points of damage from the bullet.


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