CISCO Prime and Switch upgrade

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CISCO Prime and Switch upgrade

Δημοσίευση από cyberfreak » 14 Μαρ 2017 21:33

Καλησπέρα εχω ενα θεμα προσπαθώ με το Prime να αναβαθμίσω το IOS σε ενα Switch αλλα μου βγαζει τα έξεις σφάλματα οταν παω με SCP or SFTP

The protocols that you have selected are not supported by this device to perform the Software Management tasks.Hence, the image cannot be upgraded on this device.See Device Packages Online help to review the list of supported protocols for Software Management tasks.Select the protocols supported by Software Management application, and retry the task.Image Copy Operation Failed
Unable to import image from the device flash into Software Repository usingSCP.Retrieving configuration file from the device...Current device config is copied to /opt/CSCOlumos/conf/ifm/swim/jobs/ ip address _ConfigChecking if HTTP server is enabled on the device...Http Server is enabled. Going to disable it...Disabled successfully.Copying c2960x-universalk9-tar.152-2.E6.tar from Software Repository to scp-specific directory.Copied successfully to /localdisk/sftp/c2960x-universalk9-tar.152-2.E6.tarLoading image file to flash device : c2960x-universalk9-tar.152-2.E6.tar --> flash1:c2960x-universalk9-tar.152-2.E6.tar using SCP SWIM5019: Image not found in source location.Error loading image to Flash.To check the output from the device on which the image transfer failed,Please download the log file by choosing Administration > Logging, then clicking Download.Enabling HTTP server on the device...Enabled successully.Image Copy Operation Failed


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