Madden 22's ratings for rookies have been released

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Madden 22's ratings for rookies have been released

Δημοσίευση από nfkjasfas » 22 Οκτ 2021 09:04

It is strange that offensive and defensive coordinators haven't been the main focus of the series for quite some time mut coins. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a team of three outstanding coaches on the same sideline? Franchise Mode is known for hiring coaches who aren't involved with the league.

It would be nice to see random players get the job of coordinators, then, if they do well getting them promoted to the head coaching position. At least it would make more sense than a random player who takes over a franchise that has no prior experience.

One of the more intriguing and enjoyable aspects of NBA 2K is the ability to start teams from scratch and create an entire league around these teams. There is a feature in Madden that lets a player relocate and rename a team within Franchise Mode, the locations and names are provided to the player.

It's fun to modify and allow the creation of new football leagues. Or at least, give players the possibility of reorganizing the NFL itself by creating new divisions and conferences buy Mut 22 coins. EA as well as the NFL should allow players be more creative.


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