Smartphone με 10.000mAh μπαταρια!

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Smartphone με 10.000mAh μπαταρια!

Δημοσίευση από aloutos » 15 Οκτ 2016 01:00

Επιτελους ηρθε η ωρα να αντικατασταθει το παλιο καλο OUKITEL K10000 απο το Κ10000S οπως και ο προγονος του φυσικα θα εχει 10.000mAh μπαταρια αλλα θα ρθει με ανανεωμενο design και καλυτερο hardware

Επισημη ανακοινωση της OUKITEL :
OUKITEL K10000S leaks - will be a high-end device and still use 10000mAh built-in battery
OUKITEL will bring K10000S to the HK Fair the next week
Last year in Octobers HK Fair, OUKITEL brought the battery monster OUKITEL K10000
smartphone with 10000mAh battery. And It's not the end, according OUKITEL Official news,
next week they are going to attend the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition,
they will bring the upgrading version of K10000 to the exhibition,
the model name will most probably called K10000S. If you are interested in it, you can go to
OUKITEL Booth then, the booth number is 7N20 (Hall 7), from October 18-21, in AsiaWorld-
Expo Airport HK.
For K10000, many leaked photo, K10000S will be lighter than K10000.
The battery capacity will still be 10000mAh,but all other specs and designs will upgrade to let
it be a high-end smartphone. No more information about the specs is confirmed so far, it's
said that OUKITEL product team is still discussing whether to make it Octa-core or Deca-core

Εσεις τι περιμενετε απο το K10000S?



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